The fourth annual Black Fashion Week was recently held in Paris. Of course, Rokhaya Diallo and I were at the Carreau du Temple for the event.

This is the perfect occasion for me to look back on my favorites from these French fashion shows. I saw a creative energy that did my heart good in these difficult times.

My first pick is ADAMA PARIS whose Asian silhouettes, hues and looks are reminiscent of daring hollywood heroines. The colors are both frank and profound.


Sakia LEK has got her groove. She is straight out of a chic New York evening and seems ready to do battle with anyone who might get in her way. The furs, placed almost randomly on the garments, bring relief and energy to “quick-draw” silhouettes. Burgundy is the prominent color and we love it.

ELISE MULLER’s freshness touched me. Her skating skirts are a success. Have a special look at her LED decorated sneakers that I added to my Christmas list.

Hair held a special place, especially due to the sculpted braidings.

Creativity was seen beyond the catwalks and I noticed head-turning several looks in the crowds. I leave Black Fashion Week with my head a little higher, wanting to wrap up in furs and wearing a permanent smile.

Gayanée Pierre, Le Choix Du Style*

Translated by Alberta Wilson

*Gayanée Pierre is the stylist of several French celebs. She lives and works in Paris. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.