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Best looks from the Cesar 2016


The forty-first Cesars Ceremony was held on last February 26, 2016 at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. Unlike in the United States, there are few occasions in France for celebrities to hit the Red Carpet in their grand finery. To keep us satisfied though, each year we French host the Cannes Festival in May and the Cesars each winter. Let’s have a look at our beautiful actresses to see if they did us justice. My first favorite was the mistress of ceremonies, Florence Foresti and her immense burgundy velvet bow tie. Our super MC’s humor was at the root…

Black Fashion Week illuminated Paris. The favorites of our stylist!

Rokhaya Diallo, Gayanée Pierre at BFW

The fourth annual Black Fashion Week was recently held in Paris. Of course, Rokhaya Diallo and I were at the Carreau du Temple for the event. This is the perfect occasion for me to look back on my favorites from these French fashion shows. I saw a creative energy that did my heart good in these difficult times. My first pick is ADAMA PARIS whose Asian silhouettes, hues and looks are reminiscent of daring hollywood heroines. The colors are both frank and profound.   Sakia LEK has got her groove. She is straight out of a chic New York evening…

Mipsterz and hijabistas : the Islam-friendly fashion

Ascia AKF credit pinterest

A few days ago, an H&M poster made the headlines. For the first time, the worldwide clothing chain showed a veiled woman in the person of the model, Maria Hidrissi. It had nothing to do with a photo shoot for a new collection but a very beautiful video about recycling. Going along with its eco-responsible line “ReCreated Denim” made from biologically recycled cotton, the brand decided to bring the diversity and creativity of its clientele to the forefront. It’s a short film that deconstructs fashion dictates and shows that a woman can wear a skirt after 40, dress like a…


SainaSix illustration

As the latest edition of Afro-Punk Fest comes to a close, let’s have a look at a phenomenon that has gone global in less than a decade. This year’s New York festival featured such heavyweights as Lauryn Hill and Grace Jones, among others under the Brooklyn sun.  A few weeks earlier, the first ever edition outside of the US took place in Paris to a packed house at the Trianon. The story begins with a young Black American. James Spooner loved a kind of music that many believed was only appreciated by Whites. Punk Rock in the 80s belonged to…



Summer 2015 is lit up with African prints! They are present from luxury to fast fashion, inspiring both established fashion designers and young aspiring creators. These fabrics are available at all price points and work whether as accents or a total look – either way, breathing fresh air into any wardrobe.

Who are you Gayanée Pierre?

Gayanée Pierre, styliste

Gayanée Pierre, Stylist 1. What is a fashion professional? There are many and diverse professions in the fashion world. One of the most remarkable fashion experts was YVES SAINT LAURENT, who not only created Style and garments, but was also an haute couture creative genius. When we think of fashion, we all think of the “fashion designer” who we imagine in his atelier surrounded by fabrics, sketches and women with pins in their mouths crouched over sewing machines.   The designer is a true artist. He is a creator, an illustrator, and a tailor at the same time. He explains…