I’m excited to welcome you to my blog  –  I hope you will make it your own.

Since you are reading these lines, I know that you know who I am – a committed journalist and author, especially passionate  about equality.

Until now I have expressed myself on TV, on the radio, through my books and documentaries and even most recently in my graphic novel, “Pari(s) d’amies.” I want, first of all, to thank you for supporting me throughout the years – time flies, right?  With RokMyworld I have something a little different for you.

Interacting with you on social media made me realize that some of your questions have gone unanswered.  I get tons of questions covering a wide range of subjects that I often discuss. You frequently ask me about this book or that film related to issues that I’m committed to – or not – or you want to know how people in other countries react to my views.

On a personal side, you want to know who my hair stylist is.  This is a crucial question in a country  where very few stylists know how to properly maintain  natural hair. Maybe you want to know where I bought my earrings or where I found the dress I wore in my last appearance. At RokMyWorld, you will find my political and social positions, my city  guide including, My news, MY culture, MY fashion picks along with my outings and culinary discoveries.

Rok is my nickname that I’ve had forever and my world is of course, your world too. The now world! My blog is not mine alone but a shared platform where experts from many walks of life will give their tips and points of view. Names coming soon… Guests will stop by to make their contributions on subjects that we are interested in and it goes without saying, your comments will be posted. I hope my blog will be the place where you and I can get to know each other better and share our ideas and interests.

Looking forward to seeing you in my world and don’t forget to sign up that’s the only way to stay connected.

Alberta Wilson, Official translator, RokMyWorld