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Afro! My new book: making the cover

couv afro bandeau

For the past few months, you have been able to follow a Tumblr describing the development of a project initially called Mon Pari(s) Afro, authored by me with photography by Brigitte Sombié. Our idea was to publish 100 photos of Parisians, whether residents or visitors, of various origins, who have all chosen to wear their hair natural.  The final title is Afro! and Editions Arenes is launching it on November 4. We were undecided about the cover photo but my editor came up with the idea to have Brigitte photograph me and use my head shot as the cover.  Taking…

[VIDEO] Launch of the graphic novel “Pari(s) d’Amies”

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Paris d’Amie(s), the first  graphic novel written by Rokhaya Diallo and illustrated by its co-author, Kim Consigny is an urban comedy reflecting the colors of today’s Paris.  It was published on April 8th of this year. The launch party brought together Lilian Thuram, Zinedine Souaem, Inna Modja, Imany, Françoise-Marie Santucci and Katell Pouliquen from Elle, Kery James, Juliette Fiévet, Sebastien Abdelhamid, Aya Cissoko, Aïssa Maïga, Fatou Ndiaye from BlackBeautyBag, Awa Ly, Raphal Yem, Princess Esther Kamatari, Chrystèle Saint-Louis-Augustin, Kareen Guiock, Eriq Ebouaney, Lucien Jean Baptiste and Anasthasie Tudieshe among many others! Black Spoon catered the affair. Big thanks to Phyto…