I had the pleasure of taking part in a special moment on the esplanade of Saint Oeun’s City Hall:  Bocar Niane of the An-Noor Association gathered all the city’s major players around an ecumenical feast breaking the Ramadan fast.

Rokhaya Diallo-jeûne-Saint-Ouen   Rokhaya Diallo-jeûne-Saint-Ouen

The lovely table set in front of City Hall including delicious chorbas (traditional lamb and vegetable soup) and tuna steaks and a tasty thieb bou dien (Senegalese rice and fish dish), along with classic desserts such as strawberry tart or very sweet  sweets like chabakias took our taste buds  on a culinary voyage.

Rokhaya Diallo-jeûne-Saint-Ouen

This cordial meal brought together guests from all walks of life, politicians like socialist Congressman Bruno Le Roux, Karim Bouamrane, Socialist elected in Saint Ouen, Amadou Ka président of the Indivisibles and my pal, comedian, Yassine Belattar.

Rokhaya Diallo-jeûne-Saint-Ouen

Translated by Alberta Wilson, Official translator, RokMyWorld