The forty-first Cesars Ceremony was held on last February 26, 2016 at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. Unlike in the United States, there are few occasions in France for celebrities to hit the Red Carpet in their grand finery. To keep us satisfied though, each year we French host the Cannes Festival in May and the Cesars each winter. Let’s have a look at our beautiful actresses to see if they did us justice.

My first favorite was the mistress of ceremonies, Florence Foresti and her immense burgundy velvet bow tie.

Our super MC’s humor was at the root of her smashing entrance, worthy of the best blinged-out rappers. Puff Daddy and Kanye West, go get dressed.
Florence Foresti wears the pink fur coat from “On aura tout vu” better than anyone.

Many actresses went for the simplicity of black, a sure thing on the red carpet, whether a dress or a tuxedo. A few pulled off French elegance, a homage to classic Parisian style. The famous “less is more” so envied by our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, where nothing is over the top and everything breathes refinement straight from the source like Melanie Laurent in Saint Laurent or Carole Bouquet, icon of French chic. Let’s not forget Juliette Binoch wearing a Roberto Cavalli and Chopard jewels.

Legend: As for me, I had the enormous honor of dressing the beautiful and talented Deborah François, who presented the Cesar for the best photography. Both of us want delicacy and poetry. We want to thoroughly play the Red Carpet game by choosing a cinema look that will make movie-goers dream. We immediately decided on a marvelous Haute Couture dress, corseted and powdered, by Alexis Mabille< Our make up choice imitated the immortal star Rita Hayworth’s look.

Legend: Our final shout out to those who dared to stand out, like the pretty Karidja Toure in a short black and silver outfit, distinguished by its freshness. The ravishing Audrey Chauveau made a marvelous choice for the Red Carpet, a long lamé dress.

Our next style post of course will be from the Oscars. Following their best looks, we’ll see how the Americans shone on the Red Carpet.

Gayanée PIERRE*, Le Choix du Style

Translated by Alberta Wilson

* Gayanée PIERRE is a French fashion professional. She lives and works in Paris. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.